The American Heart Association

At the Annual Heart Ball, The American Heart Association always shares a story of a family impacted by heart defects in hopes of increasing awareness and donations. One year, instead of doing a live speech, we paired up with AHA to create an inspiring video that highlighted young Carl’s journey. The video resonated with the audience and their mission so well that live donations increased by 50% that year and 100% the next. Putting together these heartwarming videos and connecting with the audience is our favorite part of the gig.


“I started working with Mike many years ago filming our annual Heart Ball. He came to me with an idea on how we could tell the story of a heart/stroke survivor that would allow the audience to see first hand how devasting CVD is for families. Up until then, this had been done live on stage. He was right, we increased our giving by 50% and in some years over 100%. Everyone is in awe of his work. He is more than your average videographer, he works alongside you helping and suggesting directions that would enhance the final outcome. Every year we work together to add more video to the program and less podium time which keeps our guests’ attention and allowing me to control the timing of the program. I would recommend Mike with no hesitation.”